Welcome to Gerjets Lawn Care, LLC

Gerjets Lawn Care was officially established in 2007, but the Father/Son owners have been mowing lawns together since 2003. When Ryan was only 9 years old, our neighbor Pearl asked if Ryan would like to start mowing her lawn. Since then we have continued to grow and in 2022 we serviced more than 150 lawns in some way. Whether mowing, rolling, aerating, or other services, we are always ready to take care of our customer’s lawns.

We have 100+ scheduled lawns for the 2023 mowing season plus misc. lawns while people are on vacation.

We service lawns in Toluca and many surrounding communities including Wenona, Tonica, Minonk, Rutland, LaRose, Varna, McNabb, Henry, Spring Valley, LaSalle/Peru, El Paso, Oglesby, Lostant, and Streator.

We are also a sub-contractor for the Vendors ‘Task Easy’, ‘SMS’, MirrorLawn, and JGM Properties mowing facilities such as Family Dollar, Dollar General, and homes for sale or in Foreclosure.

We offer lawn rolling and core aeration services, bush trimming and many other lawn care services.

The Gerjets Lawn Care team is licensed by the State of Illinois for pesticide control and is fully insured.